The Result Codes are the same as for Microprocessor cards. Continue Shopping Add To List. Share your thoughts with others. Response will be in the same format including the Op Code before optional data. Memory Card Support Note: None Response Message Data:

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This option can be used to attempt to eject a card that has jammed in the unit or that is in the unit but is invisible to the sensors.

This property enables or disables MCP auto baud synchronization. Page 81 Section 9. If the value is 00, the status 63Cx will be returned where x indicates the number of further retries allowed. Criteria for treating abnormal situations may change from application to application. The notification message will have the same syntax as the command response of the command that corresponds to the notify read state. If the bit corresponding to an indicator is set, then a notification message will be sent from the device to the host in response to that indicator changing from a 1 to a 0 state.

This command is used to send additional commands to the Intellisgripe module through the IntelliStripe 65 interface. There are two major categories of card types.



Once set, these property values will persist for the current connector until a device reset, or until they are changed by further property settings. This allows effective addressing of a specific bit and may be useful for blowing fuses in some cards.

It is not installed on all configurations. This serial number can intellistipe used to distinguish one USB device from another in a system. Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 5, Don’t cut the cord on cable like a rookie The 3: The IntelliStripe is rugged and corrosion resistant, utilizing a zinc die-cast chassis, high-impact plastic bezel, and stainless steel components.

This application deals with host communications. Page 45 Section 5. IntelliStripe Command Reference Responses are the messages sent as a reply to a previously sent request.

Page 67 Section 7. This property is used to get the devices model number. Within Malaysia ,Ship By: This command can be used to modify the property default values so that the properties do not have to be initialized to other values after a power cycle or reset.


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Use this form to ask us a quick question, find out availability or get a quote etc. This command is used to power up a smart card in the currently selected connector.

Page 8 IntelliStripe Command Reference Responses are the messages sent as a reply to a previously intelilstripe request. Le is the number of bytes intellitsripe read Note that if the address given is outside of the bounds of the card in the reader you may not get the expected results. Track 1,2,3 only Smartcard Functions: The Data consists of a 1-byte command Number Op Code and optional data bytes. Page 51 Section 5.

Page 25 Section 4. This property contains the value of the communications protocol used by this device.

MagTek IntelliStripe 320 – magnetic card reader – USB, RS-232

Byte 1 Usage Specifies which tone sequence to play back. Share your thoughts with others. Page 71 Section 7.