The default is enabled. Select one key from the four configured keys as the currently available one. Lazy, Bridge and Repeater. More details please refer to Chapter 3. Once you modify the IP address, you need to remember it for the web-based utility login next time.

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Enter a new user name for the device. Wirelesss this feature is enabled, each of your wireless clients will be in its own virtual network and will not be able to communicate with each other. Select one key from the four configured keys as the currently available one.

To increase data throughput of wireless network, the extension channel range is used in 11n mode.

Konig CMP-WNROUT20 User Manual – Page 1 of 6 |

The length of the IP address lease. Please connect the LAN port of the Router to the network adapter of your computer via cable. One access control feature based on SSID. Enter a new password. By using the same keys on each of your wireless network devices, you can prevent unauthorized wireless devices from monitoring your transmissions or using your wireless resources.


The authentication interval period between AP and authentication server. Enter the WAN gateway here.

Konig CMP-WNROUT20 + 40 Manual

When this feature is enabled, wireless clients connected with the main SSID and minor SSID cannot communicate konit each other, which can strongly secure the wireless network. The port can be either a physical port or logical port such as VLAN.

In this screen, select one mode of your Internet connection you use. From the drop-down menu select the corresponding security encryption modes.

KONIG Router Passwords

This router provides three modes: More details please refer to Chapter 3. Re-enter to confirm the new password.

Static IP If connection mode static IP roufer selected, you can modify the following address information. The default is enabled. One access control feature based on wireless MAC address. Enter the WAN subnet mask here. You do not need to enter the information like other modes. Select Mixed WEP to enter the following window: So specifying the starting and ending address of the IP Address pool is needed. If more clients are added, repeat the above steps.


Please use roufer included 9V DC power adapter.

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Enter the authentication port of the Radius server. Enter the old password. Quick Setup Guide 4. The default is TKIP mode.

To enable or disable WPS function. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. You can wirelessly connect two or more wired networks via this mode.

How to Login to the Router 3. After the upgrade is completed, the router will reboot automatically.