TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. If you have any questions or comments let me know here or post in the forums or both. Only 20fps have been dropped between x to x BioShock Infinite and Metro: Write a comment below. In case of the GeForce4 Ti, only Leadtek had a completely different cooling device.

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However extra games often appeal to people.

SUMA Platinum GeForce4 Ti DVI and Platinum GeForce4 Ti SE

The difference’s are going to be in the quality of the components used and therefore their overclockability. The shots obtained can be viewed, deleted or saved on any disc in any popular graphics format: The game is much dependent on a processor frequency.

Besides, it’s possible to capture separate shots from movies and place them into the temporary gallery: Using the same g4 I was stunned to discover I could go all the way up to mhz. I simply installed the latest version of RivaTuner and got tweaking. As you can see the look of the card is nothing less than cool.

For the purposes of testing I left all the settings at default except for turning V-Sync off to keep it so that any tests are not restricted in the frames per second department.

Lets take a look: If you have any questions or comments let me know here or post in the forums or both. The cooler is unusual: For a long time Gainwarf worked for the OEM market.


It seems that SUMA redesigned a unit which controls power supply to the components. The dual monitor and TV-Out options are excellent add-ons and make the graphics card appeal to a wider audience. Besides, you must have noticed a new stepping A3 revision. That is no less than stunning performance.

Specification The formal specification gaimward the card is quite impressive. This card can take anything the gaming industry cares to throw at it and not only make it playable but at stunningly high resolutions as well. The higher the resolution the less CPU dependant the card gets. Unfortunately a card of this calibre needs gainwarrd good performing CPU to back it up otherwise it gets bottle necked and the GF4 sits around waiting for data.

Gainward GeForce 4 PowerPack GS Ultra/XP Video –

Eventually I managed to get it to boot and be stable at 11x giving me a processor speed of mhz. Everything went smoothly during the next boot and I immediately set my resolution to xx32 with 85hz refresh rate. It has been a point of discussion now through online communities whether the mb is really needed or if it indeed offers any sort of performance increase for the majority of gamers or even benchmarkers.

As gaineard have now come to expect though, the ABit Siluro Ti outshines them all.


Lets see how the new NVidia chipset performs in the real gaming world. Today the country is considered democratic, but the totalitarian traditions are still strong, and the way of life is determined by the regime’s regulations and laws. This benchmark is newer than each of the others and not quite as well known. After the next reboot I set about finding aginward speed for the video memory. Therefore I award all 45 points here, for both 3D and 2D performance.

You can see that every other benchmark is achieving the expected range of results. In fact the GF4 Ti score is higher than the Tis low resolution score.

GeForce4 Ti

Quality of TV-out was estimated a lot of times in the reviews from the list above, and Video-In wasn’t touched upon much, though this function has the same capabilities as in GeForce3 cards. This particular benchmark loves high performance shader hardware and this is something the NV25 GF4Ti has, with bells on.

Again like with the rest of the 46000 the scores could be greatly increased by having a much faster CPU.