Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. I seem to be able to reproduce a loss of network using synaptic, for example without the fix in place. Just to point the fact that the problem still exists in the latest ubuntu kernel update. Strange is that this problem came forward after upgrade ubuntu 8. December 15th, 3. Plz do help me ASAP. One is the definitions per hardware in forcedeth but I noticed in the lscpi output os some of you that posted that there is a msi and msix enabled flag for the pci bus.

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Yeap, the command by Tom works miracle. I will try and read up a bit on how that’s done this weekend, but I suspect it won’t be easy for a novice like me.

I will update more once I try this out. In other words does my debug line match that info that you get from lspci -vvnn? For any questions, please mail to andreas. You can try to add this script to your RC or at least write a sh script. In this case, I cannot guarentee that disabling MSI for all cases won’t cause regressions. It is strange, because the network problem seems to fail only with recent version of Ubuntu, I found an old CD and it seems to work ok But the workaround does not work for me!


nForce Driver

Is there any chance of a permanent fix appearing? This b option is kind of inconvenient because I am not going to upgrade my workstation from Hardy to Ibex What I am trying to do is to disable autonegotiation and force a desired speed. Comment on this change optional. Plz, plz if anyone can help me, in fixing this problem, it would definitely be a great help. Step 2, configure the system to do this automatically from now on when it starts otherwise you’ll need to do the above steps every time you boot.

I was getting the problem reliably until then, so I’m pretty sure one of the several forcedeth patches in that kernel fixed it.

Reboot and prair ; This one nvidi for me. Alpha5 is set to be released Thursday Sept 4. I just installed Ubuntu 8. Regards, –Zooko http: I tried your linux-image- 2. Setting to linux – this is a kernel problem isn’t it? I had this problem in Hardy, if it’s somehow been marked as something that doesn’t need to be fixed the person doing the classifying is a fool.

Remember, all my problems were fixed by upgrading to the upstream- linux-gregkh 2. I agree that some folks won’t use Ubuntu because of this, but I can’t always satisfy everyone.


[SOLVED] Wired Connection Fails (Realtek + Forcedeth Issue)

Sorry if I sound like a moany old git, I’m just disappointed. This is a serious, serious problem – look at the amount of mobos with nvidia chipsets! Since mii protocol is not supported, as the error messages told us, now we do internafional to install “ethtool” unless someone else who knows a better solution joins us.

The LAN chips are off of the northbridge I think.

The Ubuntu Kernel Team is planning to move to the 2. The work ’round for for tribe 5 worked also, if i remember correctly. Right now I’m downloading Linux kernel 2. This was a problem for me in Ubuntu 8. Both can’t access my network! Yes I certainly need luck, I’ve spent more time sitting through urgent update reboots with vista in the past month than I have working. I seem to be able to reproduce a nvicia of network using synaptic, for example without the fix in place.