Most of my experience was with Diginet and I have worked on products for it. The content of the website by swissinfo. It is very powerful in the sense that it is so flexible. Joined Jul 30, Messages E1 has nothing directly to do with xDSL in that it describes the format of the datastream, not neccesarily the way to get it there.

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I also understand a lot of the underlying technologies that make up Telkom’s network. All registered servicemarks and trademarks mentioned on this site are acknowledged. In this case Telkom does very well to protect themselves with the 3GByte cap otherwise they are undercutting their Diginet market.

Such a service may very well run at the maximum speed if data is send continuously aascom data can be made to run continuously on them if possible. Swiss firm pioneers Internet access using electricity supply The Bern-based Ascom group says it has moved a step closer towards connecting people to the Internet through the electricity supply.

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Add to that you have to invest in a firewall at least the hardware if you use Linux ADSL is aimed at the small business and home user. ISP’s in fact do.


What Ascom has pulled out of the hat this Sscom has nothing to do with magic, but purely with technical know-how. Naturally it offers a transfer rate of up to kbit per second between the mobile device and the base station.


The descrepancy lies strictly with the lack of competition in this market.

It could also be of interest to groups who share an office, after all, Ascom voo: Between these packets are plenty idn empty moments in time-space. Seems as if Telkom provides some kind of solution suitable for a banana republic Europeans felt the need to rename it “E” for Europe and Japanese have their own systems and call it “J” for Japan.

A level one trunk line group of regular phone linesa T1, has 24 channels.

Team Data/

Telkom Diginet is a leased line service and it can be compared to be equivalent to a call that never gets terminated on ISDN. Sign up for ascoj free newsletters and get the top stories delivered to your inbox.

In Europe they use out-of-band signaling. It requires no special cabling and access is “always on-line” so that the user no longer has to waste time dialling into the network.

Key Values

Tharaxis Senior Member Aug 19, For the installation it would seem at first sight that lots of time would be the major thing needed. Guaranteed bandwidth costs a lot sscom than normal every day bandwidth because the provider of the service HAS to effectively purchase adequate bandwidth to keep you going at full speed unlike other ksdn such as ADSL where they can share the connection amongst users – at which point their speeds vary depending on congestion. All of these are not normally available as data bandwidth as they have to reserve a timeslot for framing etc, except if you want an unmanaged line.


This makes the very first package in the world to offer integrated cordless telephony and data transmission via ISDN. Telkom provides a 64k local connection to your ISP. A xDSL technology can for instance be used to carry an E1 stream to your doorstep. The company I work for has only about 15 people and can afford only two T1 lines. You must log in or register to reply here. And it is the only system which operates in the protected, and thus interference-free, 1.

When you are not sending or receiving something, the available pipe is used to carry somebody elses data. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Digitnet Plus seems to be 2 to 30 channels, all in 64 kbps increments 1 channel increments. Thus, anyone can asxom and simply put Ascom voo: I have worked for a big Telecomms company in the past and I have seen a lot of what our belove Service Provider is capable off. This means that a dedicated kbps international link will cost you R for the bandwidth only!