Provide a PnP device table in the module. Intersil ISL Prism 2. Bad start of sn9c and sensor om If a device ID is not listed, but the chipset is supported by an existent kernel module, it may be possible to get the device operational by loading the kernel module manually and then feeding it the new ID. Fix lock dependency errror.

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Auto-load pg module when device opened. Remove some duplicate device entries in various modules.

linux 2.6.28-9.30 source package in Ubuntu

Fix user space protocol syncing. Export gfs2 symbols required for gfs1 kernel module. Auto-load mtdchar module when device opened.

Fix problem if SM and another platform driver is selected. Fix size of shadow-array to avoid overflow.

ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B and Atheros AR5007UG devices

Auto-load cyclades module when device opened. Ralink Conceptronic C54RU v2 Add white balance control for spca rev A. Update defconfigs for 2. Enable an ee Intel Corporation Gigabit controller.


en/users/Devices/USB – Linux Wireless

Don’t free URB buffers on suspend. Delete a large pile of now-unused code. Auto-load pt module when device opened.

Do controls work for spca revision 12a. No description available for pata-modules- 2. Auto-load rng-core module when device opened.

Stop pac autogain oscillation. Add dca and ioatdma to modules. Ralink RT Wireless Fix regression in UDF anchor block detection. Intel Centrino Advanced-N Reinitialize the device on resume. Fix wrong string handle in kernel command line parsing.

Auto-load toshiba module when device opened. No description available for mouse-modules- 2. No summary available for pata-modules Let dmfe handle davicom on non-sparc. Ensure an md array never has too many devices. Avoids an OOPS if dev wu-200 can’t be successfully.

Multicast to the specified addresses. No description available for md-modules- 2.

Change some subdriver functions for. Fix lockup after Java stack underflow in user mode.