Might be that your error is different, if your device boots ok with the default before your modifications, but in any case:. Hey all, Thanks for the responses and guidance. HCI device and connection manager initialized [ 0. I had this in the error situation: So i changed it to boot from mmc by this way: No such file or directory INIT: Hi Vijay, Thank for your reply.

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Divya Can you swap your mtd names for testing? Debian is on the SD-card. We are glad that we were able to resolve this issue, and will now proceed to close this thread.

32be_rootfs boot from sdcard (ls) | NXP Community

In reply to Vijaykumar Ponugoti: Are you running “NFS server” on your linux host machine? My point is just that also your bootloader may require some more settings than just the one flag.

The issue with the rootfs partition for the slave not being mounted was because of the corruption in the fs. Mar 3, 4: I think mtdblock0 has something to do with the NAND 1f00 mtdblock0. Cannot open root device “mmcblk0p2” or unknown-block ,2 [ 4.


[RFC] root=/dev/mtdblock at name

Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block ,2 Best regrads, Thanh. Whereas the partition which is failing to mount the squashfs on it has this block mtddblock0, root OpenWrt: Testing write buffer coherency: Ask a related question What is a related question?

All content and materials on this site are provided “as is”. Hash tables configured established bind [ 0. Is that dual boot native OEM stuff?

These are generated on the fly from the firmware mtd partition only The size of kernel and rootfs may change. HCI socket layer initialized Bluetooth: I’m using microSD card and checked it: I had this in the error situation: Menu Search through millions of questions and answers User.

I am not familiar with your dual-boot bootloader’s internals, so this is pure hunch, but maybe something that you might evaluate.

I would avoid using mtd partition names kernel rootfs rootfs-data without appended a digit. Thanks for the reply hynman, but I dont have a dts based architechture to proceed with this approach.


But i don’t know how to customize uboot for my new board. PCI bridge to [bus 01] [ 1.

OK OK Starting kernel Registered protocol family 2 [ 0. Since this is not U-Boot based device, I dont see the mtdvlock0 env args during boootup, except the below one Kernel command line: Setting the system clock.

mtdblock0 error

Registered protocol family 17 [ 3. Does their gpl sources give any hints? I need some suggesions here! Registered protocol family 31 Bluetooth: